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Little Daffodils - Introduction

Little Daffodils is a pre school campus & child care centre is aptly located in the serene, pollution free and secure environment of Dharam Karam Road in Ameerpet. We are an institution based on the philosophy of symbiotic association with parents in upbringing the child with love, affection, care and values.

We believe in leveraging the crucial childhood years for fostering growth and skill set in children. It’s an endeavor to discover the unique individuality of a child and providing an enabling environment that paves the path for exploration and enrichment. We have a comprehensive range of Programs – Playgroup, Nursery, LKG, UKG, Day Care, after school Activities and Tuitions.

A child’s world is amusing and full of wonders. It’s a stage of exploration, curiosity, emotional development and immense energy. At Little Daffodils, we have captured the fantasies and nuances of a child’s dream world and created a space that is both enriching and conducive to learning. Built with modern infrastructure, unique curriculum, a nurturing environment and trained caretakers; Little Daffodils is place full of blissful energy.

About Us

Little Daffodils is a Pre School & Day Care

Little Daffodils is a Pre School & Day Care aimed to help parents with the challenging task of upbringing children. We sincerely strive to nurture, grow and develop the child by giving best quality infrastructure blended with playful environment. The learning stimulating ambience coupled with recreational, educational and playful activities transforms the blooming phase of childhood.

We believe in treating your child as our own and impart cultural values across various ethnicities. We have a variety of Programs designed and customized as per the distinct needs of your child. Our curriculum is structured in a manner that maximizes a child’s potential and aims at wholesome development.

Our core strength is our team of dedicated and trained staff who are exceptionally loving, caring and value driven individuals. Little Daffodils is a place where we treat your child as our very own and believe in creating a homely space for them. Parents have trust and faith in our services which is testified by the ever growing strength of our institute. They are aware of our vision that is aimed at loving, caring and nurturing their child. We aspire and strive to keep up the promise that your child is our responsibility.


To become a leader in child care services by providing best quality, enriching, value driven and secure care to children. It is our sincere effort “To make childhood a cherished experience” for both parents and the child. We aim to support parents in the crucial task of upbringing children. We believe that every child is different and special care is taken therefore focus on development based on individual needs. We believe in making the child adaptable to the environment by adequate exposure to social and physical activities. Our vision is that of wholesome development and imbibing values in children.


    • Provide Children with a healthy, safe, playful and learning environment that stimulates wholesome growth and learning.

    • Develop cognitive, emotional, social and physical skills of children that foster exploration and imbibe creativity.

    • Understanding the needs of modern day parents and actively associate with them in upbringing the child.

    • Provide Edutainment to children by assimilating learning with fun.

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